Here's what No One Tells You About Email Marketing

Here's what No One Tells You About Email Marketing

Keen to know, the perfect number of emails to send each month ?

Do click and bounce rates bother you?

How many customers are turning into subscribers?

Expecting higher conversion rates, but stuck?

Queries tiny as a fly or massive as a dinosaur can be just so simple with Email Marketing.


EMAIL MARKETING is still an effective mode to form a direct pipeline to connect your niche. Frankly there is no such formula for perfect Email Marketing - but verified, segmented data works big-time. Email Marketing still continues to be a fantastic & effective way to generate leads. Adding to that, content powers email responses. It’s the unique key that fits the lock of every email marketing campaign.

Still thinking if Email Marketing is Active in 2019?

GetResponse has conveyed in regards to the industry trends on email marketing. From January to June 2019, their study on 4 billion emails in 126 countries across 19 industries focused at active senders with minimum 1,000 contacts.

Email Marketing is a absolute practical approach to discover & link your leads, sustain them and convert them into prospects.

Email Segmentation

To run a smooth and niche oriented email marketing campaigns it’s essential to get your database segmented. It’s better not to focus on data for your audience, instead focus on audience for your data. This would result in a neat un-cluttered communication if your data is well segmented.

Let’s shed some light and know the solely valuable aspect of email marketing:

• Pay attention to your Email Database. 
• Segment your Audience based on Location and Industry.                                            
• Focus on Landing pages based on Industries.
• Practice the double opt-in action by Industry.
• Now get ready to compare with GetResponse benchmarks.

Email Verification

Is your email list borrowed from internet? Is it an old un-update list? Is it of low quality? Fetching higher bounce rates? All of these are examples that lead to bad email lists. Track you email list before you run email marketing campaigns.

Quality of data defines success : Once the email accounts are properly segmented, we need to ensure that the emails which we are in possession off are valid and not gone stale a simple Email Verification process, which would protect you from Hard Bounces.

Aim of this process is to verify email addresses and ensure that a real person with valid email address will receive and interact with the sent email.

At the rate of 22.5% each year email lists gets degraded, which concludes after an year the email list subscribers won’t be valid.

It is important to have a structured verification process which would help as

• Bounce Rate is directly proportional to Sender Reputation.
• Once Sender Reputation falls below a mark, emails may not reach inboxes of your customers.
• Emails turn-out to junk folder due to poor email deliverability and lack of open rate.
• No/bad ROI - (Return on Investment)

To safeguard the above threats the most deserving method of Email Verification should be implemented. Email id’s/contacts/social media profile all of these should to be up-to-date even before you run campaigns. Correct data fetches better Results and higher Returns.

Understand email marketing is about seeking permission, building brand loyalty, and Strengthening relation with customers.

Since you have done all the above, you now withstand an opportunity to takeover your competitors.

Email Subject Lines

Communication is established only if the receipient acknowledges it. Your chance to kick start a conversation heavily relies on proper Subject Line, these are the entry points to open your emails. Industry results predict the maximum opens with these subject lines.

  1. Newsletter - 31.43%
  2. PDF - 30.31%
  3. Ebook - 27.84%

The profitable metric for every marketer. Email Conversion rates are solely linked to Email Marketing how? Get to Know how!!

Well these are offerings which you would eventually perform at a regular intervals of time, if they have opted for the services.

If you are a first timer towards the audience, than Simple Subject Line which does not speak heavily on Marketing & Sales but offers some value should do the trick.

Email Pitch

Once you have managed an action to step into the mail, what matters next is the pitch which should be equally rivetting to persuade an action.

Do you like to invite people for just a cup of coffee? Will you greet them whole-heartedly? Shall the engagement between you and them be a creative one? As a Stranger in their inbox, use your up-most manners to present your word-of-thought in the most unique way possible.

The pitch can be structured depending upon the type of audience. If they are Double Opt-Ins who have expressed their interest in the services, you could be well off with

. Artistic visuals which are engaging
. Text which is subtle
. Images which are eloquent
. Call To Actions (CTA) properly arranged

If you are sending to a new audience, you are better off with textual content.

Significant anxiety, will your email recipients open the email at first? Will they click on any link in your page? Could your content lead them any information?

The pitch should also clearly elicit the signature which builds the credibility towards and compels for a communication.

Every link present in the mail body should be validated and checked, this ensures to build credibility with the audience.

Email Sending

RIGHT MESSAGE - RIGHT PERSON - RIGHT TIME should be the move before you plan any email marketing campaigns. This activity is attainable if you have collected data which is accurate and relevant, best bet being Double Opt-In Forms or from a reputed Database Provider.

Email Sending can be automated post all the above processes. Just feed the emails to a Email Automation Tool which would then send out emails without any human intervention.

There are quite a few tools out there both Open Source & Commercial which can be employed.

If you intend to use any of the Open Source Email Marketing Automation Tool, you need to be equipped with a proper technical staff who would ease out the job of configuring and maintaining the tool.

If you find yourself limited you could also try sending it out manually using services from the Domain Provider. The speed at which you send in the manual way is important, as heavy speed may result in blocking the email Id.

An average of 1000 emails sent to a audience who is completely unknown, with pure textual content, results in 3 to 4 responses with a normal Google or Microsoft Email Account which has a limitation of 500 sends per email account.

Email Follow Ups

Follow up creates a sense of Concern and Urgency. They prove that one is eager to engage seriously and yes, consistent follow ups does generates some amazing results.

The first follow-up email is the most effective: It can bring 40% higher of a reply rate than even the initial email.

How many follow ups are required?

80% of prospects say ‘NO’ four times before they ultimately say ‘YES’ & 92% Marketers give up after they hear ‘NO’ four times.

From this statistic its known 8% of Marketers – those following up at least five times – are generating 80% of all sales.

Once you accomplish a targeted goal the return on investment is your indicator. The percentage of subscribers who complete a goal action is Email Marketing Conversion Rate.

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Email Marketing is the most simple, cost effective channel to get you started. Start slow with simple steps and get to know why email marketing is vital in your marketing strategy.

Grab the list of people who want to hear from you, use an email account, write a crafty pitch and hit SEND!

Would you still give upon email marketing? What good happened to you after going through the entire guide?
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