Lead Generation - A Platform To Decode Your Business Growth

Lead Generation - A Platform To Decode Your Business Growth

No matter which industry you belong to, how small/big your company is, B2C or B2B, smart businesses work on the principle of lead generation… An ongoing effort to qualify customer relationship (who match the lead profile) communicate with them and convert those leads into prospects in your sales funnel.

Leads are the pulse rate of every successful business.

Reach New Heights

Are you a current/future outbound lead generation team manager, looking to expand your B2B sales and thinking, how to drive more customers? Then stop worrying, we have done the homework for you…

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Generating lead is one phenomenon. Converting that lead into a sale is another. Many business and companies are also able to generate such leads but closing that deal, is not every one’s cup of tea.

Outbound lead generation can lower costs, unfold market intelligence and allow you to inspect your prospect before they move too far from your sales process.

Lead generation is indeed a complex process filled with great challenges. Yet a foolproof action with detailed attention can turn the tables.

Our guide aims to upgrade your team’s engagement, performance and growth. We know that marketing is a skill that must be practiced. Hence by understanding what can give big results on a small scale, you can conquer the large ones.


Are you ready?? Then… let’s go through theses key elements one by one…

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What Is Outbound Lead Generation?

In simple terms, lead generation is a direct marketing medium through which designated members of your sales marketing team, preferably reach out to ideal buyers within your aimed segments. Their core focus is to make your targets aware of your offerings, attract them and arrange for a call or meeting with a member of your sales team to further explore your interest-line.

Here are some questions you need to plan off before moving ahead…

How to identify your target market?

It all starts with who you want to reach out to. They are your audience who are most likely to buy your product or services. Targeting customer segment is the most crucial part, your team needs to be trained and focused on. Your offering will not be everything to everyone…

Example: it may fetch more value for some, whereas, for someone else it be provide less value. In simple words, the value of your offering will differ from one segment to another, same will your competition vary in different target segments.

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The most-compulsory rules to adapt:

  1. The more accurately you define your target group, the better you can understand how and where to reach your prospects.
  2. The more you focus, better is the outcome.
  3. The more you experiment, higher is the risk.
  4. Organize data on your current customers.
  5. Track your website and social media analytics.
  6. Be aware of your competitors.
  7. Categories should be detailed, narrow to acquire the best possible conversion rates.
  8. Originate a target market segment.
  9. Run social ads on your target market.
  10. Review your audience research as needed.

How to define your buyer’s profile?

Better leads are those which come from your potential buyers, these buyers are active buyers. They have similar goals, needs, roles and are in the market for a solution. Keep a track of companies wherein your product or offerings can fits in.

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Collect statistics on company size, employees, revenue, customers, geographic locations, any other attributes or metrics. Also search for ideal buyer profiles on social media channels eg. LinkedIn, face book etc… Combine this info and create a list. Now this list can be highly valuable for sales as well as for outbound lead generation process.

Marketing, product development, and product management are 3 main platforms where buyer profiles are commonly required. This helps employees to describe the audience for whom products are being developed and marketed.

To be more clear, your team should learn which profiles are involved in which deal, what are their roles to play, who they have to report, what are their issues related to your product and what are their goals.

By implementing all of these your team can fetch effective results. Are you are willing to create a detailed buyer persona templates.

What it takes to build and lead a team?

If you want to go fast and grow far, it has to be via a team building technique. TEAM - Together, Everyone, Achieves, More. The credit of successful outbound lead generation belongs to its team. A strong team comprises of, coordination and management skills. Right from hiring team members, building training materials, organizing subjects like locating a work space for the team, preparing your first list of leads and who will be responsible for each task. Clarity of every single responsibility needs to be planned (team work) even before you start (dream work).

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Sales process, buyer’s profiles and team structure are major factors on which success of an outbound lead generation process depends on. If not carried out accurately would result in wastage of time as well as resources.

Importance of Lead Generation.

Companies are speeding up to gain profits, this profit doubles if you provide the customer correct products and accurate services. By meeting their needs and requirements you are able to not only generate revenue, but also, keep up your business goals going on resulting in expansion. Here needs and requirements are sales leads. Generating and closing leads will lead to your business growth (profit wise as well as success wise).

But the matter of discussion is, does sale leads only contribute towards profits?

No… leads feed much more than just boosting your business becoming more profitable, how?? Learn more….

Leads allow you to communicate, target potential customers, connect with other professionals based in different industries, track your competitors, outgrow a large customer base. Be more productive than being busy. Hence for a versatile business, maintain and keep your team active to adjust with changing marketing conditions.

Many businesses are still facing “lead generation” issues. This is occurs due to reasons such as : targeting wrong audience, not practicing lead generation process accurately, or there may be missing on mapping buyer’s personas correctly, leading to unclosed deals. Big business starts with small practices. Correcting these tasks will unsure a perfect lead generation program.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term sales leads??? few go blank, some wish to start and somehow complete asap, for many, it’s a platform to create new customers, that’s it…

No….Learn here…

Old is Gold…implement this crucial aspect. Learn to hold the connections/buyers you already have. Instance, feedback from your customers or guiding them with support-help, leads are as beneficial as they are, when you try to build new relationships.

A well satisfied customer is the best business strategy.

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Different companies will have different techniques, as such there is no single method to generate and build leads. What you really need to sustain is an on-going, balanced awareness. Increasing new customer base and pushing sale leads, implementing process consistently, update your creativity, add fresh tactics to upgrade your business and profits.

Keep your efforts RIGHT, and your business will be surely RIGHT, how?? Our upcoming guide will change your priorities.

Classify leads, generate and manage them for your business, an effort to focus on your goals not obstacles.

Till then let us know you’re challenges on lead generation…DATABEYZ make ideas happen.

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