How Lead Generation PRACTICES Can Boost More PROSPECTS

How Lead Generation PRACTICES Can Boost More PROSPECTS

The success or failure of any business, in the beginning, is surely un-known, the same way failure is also just not the opposite of success it’s the part of success. Hence the only hook which holds both success and failure is hard-work. And this hard-work begins right from planning until execution. No… It’s a continuous process which goes on and on and on…The Lead generation process also works on this strong formula, performing each step accurately and wisely.

As we gained an understanding of the core elements of the lead generation process in the previous article. Let’s move ahead and focus on some great practices that can lift prospecting.

One part is driving your team’s concentration whereas, another part is boosting your team’s energy. But this punch should be worked more on accurate activities, how?? Here’s the answer to it… Below is a list of best practices/tactics for the outbound lead generation process.

Email Prospecting:

Practices for Prospecting via E-mails:

The most valuable, fruitful forms of communication till date for any business has been via e-mails. If performed correctly can give you the best results you are waiting for. While e-mails are used as a tool for sales prospects and there are bundles of information available today on email prospecting but surely these focused 5 tips can be used anytime, anywhere to lower your efforts and higher your clicks.


How to draft your subject line: Crucial component. It’s the first message that people see upon receiving your message. At this stage, they sort through their inbox and decide what to open and what not to.

For instance, “Do you have 5 minutes?” works well. 1. If your prospect has a blog, use the title of one of their recent posts in the subject line. 2. Begin with the word “Your”, “Your recent …,” or “Your product….” People enjoy hearing about their work, and the word “you’re” will attract their attention. 3. Use all lower-case.


Content: Search a relevant piece of content linked to your prospect that you can mention in your e-mail. This can be done by performing a Google search or you can also check the prospect’s social media channels, like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Example of an e-mail content:

Email Content For Lead Generation | Databeyz


Specify the Purpose: The greatest mistakes the sales and lead generation reps make while sending e-mails to prospects is they miss out on explaining the purpose of the e-mail. If you are waiting for a response ask your prospects specifically, explain to them their purpose or how the prospect should respond.

Every e-mail sent to a prospect should direct what you want from the prospect. You can ask a specific question and they could reply. Be clear and to-the-point.


Objective to Optimize E-mails for Mobile Devices: E-mails received today are increasingly read on Smartphones. According to research by MailChimp6, quotes 41% of mobile users read e-mails on mobile devices in the U.S. Knowing this you should learn how to optimize e-mail for mobile devices. 

  1. Keep it short and engaging so that your prospect could read and open the entire e-mail within two-finger swipes on a Smartphone.
  2. Before you send it, don’t forget to test it. 
  3. Don’t add images, templates, links they act as obstacles on Smartphones. Instead, use text and plain HTML with no formatting.
  4. Don’t add too many images or hyperlinks in your e-mail signature.

All these rules will help you to optimize e-mail reading on a mobile device. 


Close the File: Unique but effective tactic. For those difficult prospects that you have been trying to call and send e-mails for weeks without any response, use “Close the file” e-mail format. This grabs the prospect’s attention leading to a higher chance of response.

Closing An Email In Lead Generation | Databeyz

Phone Prospecting:

Practices for Prospecting via Phone-calls: The second skill to quickly bond with your prospect in the lead generation process is through the phone.

You can teach your outbound lead generation reps to communicate naturally and confidently. Speak in a way in which people understand, adjust your accent to match your prospects. This will in-turn result in building rapport and make the prospect feel more comfortable. 

By implementing these simple yet effective conversion strategies you can find more quality leads, close more deals, and create a much more loyal customer base.

Don’t decrease your lead generation conversions, rather increase the efforts. If you find these practices valuable then don’t forget to share this post!