Hack your Lead Generation Process With 3 Most Effective Elements

Hack your Lead Generation Process With 3 Most Effective Elements

Success of any business simply depends on, how you build customer relationship, rather than just updating your data records. Creating data is as important as maintaining it… There’s no doubt that maintaining a clean, updated database is tedious work, making it a struggle for many organizations. This should not be a reason for your sales target to fall below the set target, increase the efforts, kind of…Brainstorming how this works?? Here’s an exclusive guide which shall aid you in understanding and implementing than merely searching on how lead generation process practically but fundamentally works… because you are just worth it!!! Let’s not delay and quickly hack this…

In previous article we have discussed on what are leads and of course how to generate, classify and maintain them. You may now agree, leads are truly an asset to any business. Without leads your business certainly has no standards. Most of the B2B marketers today, count on large number of channels to drive leads and upturn their conversion rates. Nevertheless, often these channels fail to generate the expected results. This occurs, owing to the fact they are not providing results as expected by potential customer… Continue reading because the treasure to this hunt is right here…

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Now it’s time to add significant value to the sales process of your organization with the below pointers.

Human Component

Sales representative, the face of your organization. Success of your lead generation depends on how well trained your sales reps are, A trained sales team can generate new opportunities which can lead to huge returns for a company. The better trained your sales team is, the better results for your entire company.

Niche target audience

Next stage is your intended target group. Target right people, industry, contacts.

Unique script

Last but not the least, most important stage is creating a dynamic script, short but precise. Best scripts are those which include innovation, add offers, and summarize all key points of your product. These pointers will lower your cost per lead, boost ROI eventually increase your sales.

Improve your lead generation process by helping customers find the details they are looking for, adapt yourself to changing needs, focus not only in converting prospects but also building loyal customer relationship.

Outbound lead management process is the workflow used to manage a subcategory of leads that you have verified for your outbound lead generation team.

Your lead management process should include the following

3 most effective elements in lead generation | Databeyz

Outreach a touch point strategy - This signifies the total number of touchpoints necessary to guarantee prospecting success.

Outcome Lead status - how to manage the lead from the outreach process to outcome process like qualifying the lead and then hand-off process.

Hand-off process - transferring the lead from the outbound lead generation team to the sales team.

3 Most Effective Guidelines to follow lead generation process

Outreach process

Train your team to follow outreach process guidelines so that they approach all prospects regularly in terms of the number and types of touchpoints they initiate. Your process guidelines will keep changing depending on your target buyer profiles and target market segments.

Use your own experience to maintain the record of numbers and types of touchpoint in your outreach process. For instance, you would not use the same outreach process for the CEO of a big company that you would use for a small business owner.

Track your target personas and train your team to use an on-going process which will help you to direct and scale the team as it grows. Make frequent adjustments based on what process works for you this will help you optimize the process better. Which will ultimately lead to greater success.

Lead Status

After setting your outbound process guidelines, it’s time to define a set of status. This will eventually help you to manage your prospects and CRM system.

Status and their definitions

OPEN A lead that has not been touched by an outbound lead generation representative.

IN PROGRESS Those leads on which the outbound lead generation rep is positively working on, but no contact has been created.

CONTACTED Contact has been created, but there is no firmness on the lead.

SUSPECT The lead has been contacted, there is a change of click, and so go for a follow-up call / meeting (these leads are great to include in a suspect review template)

SALES QUALIFIED The lead gets handed off to the sales rep. A call / meeting between the lead and the sales rep has occurred.

NURTURE Provide relevant information to prospect at every step

UNQUALIFIED The lead is not a feasible prospect or is not in the targeted segment.

Hand-off Process

The hand-off procedure is a basic yet advance step in outbound lead management. This is where ownership and responsibility for building relationship with the lead and converting it into a business opportunity moves from the outbound lead generation rep to the sales rep. While it seems simple and self-evident, organizations fall-prey when they do not have a well implemented hand-off process for their sales and marketing teams.

Steps to acquire productive hand-off process

  1. Towards the end of the call with the prospect, the lead generation rep should confirm the time, date, and book the next call/meeting.
  2. The lead generation rep should send a formal introduction e-mail presenting the prospect and the sales rep, along with a calendar invite for the next call/meeting.
  3. The sales rep should now engage the prospect by replying to the e-mail.
  4. Next, the sales rep receives the calendar invite for the call/meeting sent by the lead generation rep, in step 2. a) The lead generation rep reports the lead’s status to the sales “rep”
    b) Updates all other required fields in the CRM map.
  5. Important stage, once the call/meeting arises a) The sales rep should check if the lead falls under required parameters of a sales qualified lead. It’s time to change the lead status “Sales Qualified”. b) But if the lead does not meet the required parameter of a sales qualified lead, then the sales rep should report to the lead generation rep and update what went wrong and why it did not meet the criteria. This in-turn allows the lead generation rep to continue owning the lead and nurture this relationship.

This beneficial process tends to move flexibly when there is continuous practice and implementation of team unity, responsiveness and deliverability between the sales and lead generation reps, In spite of these steps being simple and clear, if they are not followed regularly, it can affect the CRM system.

If the hand-off process is not carried out carefully you will land into such Circumstances:

  1. Confirming specific time for the meeting on the phone with the prospect and you fail to remember.
  2. You have sent invitation calendar without mentioning formal introduction about prospect as well as sales rep.
  3. Without formal introduction or inviting for a meet up, the lead gen rep updates the record in the CRM system.
  4. If the lead generation rep has modified the CRM system and updated the lead to be “Qualified”, then sales rep should schedule the follow up on the same.

Either of these issues during the hand-off process, can lead in stripping or cracking off qualified leads. The Sales reps can miss out on scheduled meetings or forget to follow up on leads in the system that are allotted to the allocated status.

You may not grow leads immediately, but the first step has been initiated correctly when you follow this process. Just put all these pointers in action one by one and all the early mornings and the late nights will surely bang on. It takes time, but you will definitely find the effort worthy.

There is no chance of just trying to do so, merely there are only 2 ways wherein, you perform your lead generation process either correctly or wrongly. Hence make each lead as your master lead. Once you make a customer, make them so close to you that you tell them what they need, even before they realize what they want.

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Lets us know which elements was helpful the most for you and what challenges you are facing in your lead generation process.

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